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Aiming to become a bridge
with foreign countries

I am Yuichi Yoshizawa, Representative of Cross Border Link. We support companies which want to improve their business performance in overseas markets. 


We hope that our client companies would start things off well and grow their business continuously, just like Pegasus fly over to the sky.

I think that there are many companies whose business field is only in the domestic market, but there are many cases where the products and services of the company have a high uniqueness and international competitiveness.


We wish to support you to start the overseas business and overcome obstacles you might face.  ​Through our knowledge, experience, and executive coaching method, we will help reform a corporate culture, provide solutions for management issues, and support  your sales activities so that you would grow through overseas expansion. 

 We would like to help you meet the needs of overseas customers with your products and services at a minimal risk . By doing so, we would like to establish a new growth trajectory with you.


Based on our experience in formulating various corporate and sales strategies in the past, we are professionals who identify your management issues and work together with managers to improve. As an executive at one of the world's leading companies, I have been active mainly in sales and marketing.


In the meantime, we have been involved with automobile manufacturers such as Toyota, GM, Mercedes-Benz, and many distributors in Japan and overseas, and we have achieved the growth of our customers together. I have been involved in product planning for many years and have introduced highly unique products. In addition, in cooperation with major advertising agencies such as Dentsu, Hakuhodo, and ADK, we have worked on numerous sales promotions and improved brand awareness.

At the same time, we have improved the company's business performance by increasing internal motivation and improving the sales marketing skills of each member of the organization.

Yuichi Yoshizawa


Cross Border Link

Tokyo, Japan

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